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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tomorrow's the day!

Well over the scared feeling and ready for no more pain! I am miserable today in pain, however, I am walking tons. We are in Boston and just finished shopping for fun stuff. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow evening with new hardware and well on road to recovery. Looking forward to walking and hiking in St. Kitts and moving beyond my 3 block threshold. Everyone is in my corner and I am so grateful for all of the support that I have had. Love my family, friends and incredible family in law. I love you guys! I will be fine, have a great attitude. See you soon minus the limp.

Checking into New England Baptist at 10am, surgery at noon. Started Senokot today and will take Coumadin this evening. Have been bathing with Chlorohexadine since yesterday. Bacteria free! Got the Millenium crutches per Heather and Anna's suggestion.

Please check out Heather's blog for new update about scar. Not so bad. Her blog is a must I keep saying.

Thank you God for the advances in medical technology.

Andy will update this weekend. I will be back online next Wednesday. Smiles!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Following in Heather's foot steps....Insurance update

Just read the best and one of the more informative blogs by Heather. Boy, can that girl write! It is a must read. Go Heather! So proud of you. Keep up the great are the bomb!

I am so much less nervous after reading her inspirational "blow by blow" of the immediate post op pep talk.

For all of you hipuniverse women out there anticipating surgery.....the insurance issue has kind of proven to be annoying. At the very last minute, I had to call, per my insurance company's request...and request the MRI information. They waited until this week to ask to to call the MRI center. However, had I not called to verify, they probably would have stalled on prosessing my information. Scary thought. So, please, call and verify that your insurance company has been contacted and all the crap that they need is/has been completed.

Leaving in the early morning. Getting very excited and anxious for NO MORE PAIN.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

5 more days! Over the scared feeling.

Had a major meltdown the other night and am now feeling 10 times better. I am looking forward to this surgery as my pain has increased and my ROM is terrible. Swimming has become my only reprieve from the pain. Had to stop my antiinflammatories this week, no alcohol. Have to take Coumadin on Wednesday night as well as laxatives to clean out my system. Looking forward to seeing many many friends and my WONDERFUL family in law. Can't wait to see my mom. Will have Andy update next week. Stay tuned. I am finally relaxing. Anticipation is the worst!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Surgery June 8th, TERRIFIED!!! Pre Admissions New England Baptist Hospital May 22-24

Summary of surgery:

Flew to Boston on May 22 and started my preadmissions on May 23 at New England Baptist Hospital. My mom and I checked in at 8:45am. I had a physical, CT scan, met with the Physical Therapist. This is what the PT gave to me. It gives you an idea of what I am up against the first few weeks after the surgery. We both donated blood....and were finished by 3pm. Everyone at NEBH was wonderful and very kind.

Summary of PAO Protocols

No dislocation precautions, but pt. should avoid forced flexion, rotation, or excessive weight-bearing for 6 weeks.
· No SLR and No Abduction against gravity.
· Pillow suspension for 1-2 days post-op.
· Don't sleep on operated hip for 6 weeks. Pt may sleep on unoperated hip with a pillow between the knees for comfort.
· "no touch" technique as soon as possible for exercise and rehab
· Rehab priority: regain maximum hip motion especially full hip extension (prevention of hip flexor contractures).
· Lie with bed flat at all times except with eating or exercising.
· Don't allow pt to sit longer than 30 minutes without standing and stretching.
· Thomas stretch should be performed every hour and always just before getting up to walk.
· Gait training: Pt. should be to taught very light partial weight bearing (weight of the leg) with a heel-toe gait pattern. The pt. should not swing through.
3 classic mistakes
which are related to the pt. avoiding hip extension.
1. 1. Pt shouldn't take a large step with the operated leg and a small step with the un-operated leg (step-to gait pattern).
Crutches as soon as possible to allow for step-thru gait pattern with even strides.
2. Pt. shouldn't bend the knee on the operated leg as the un-operated leg is swinging through.
3. Pt. shouldn't walk hunched over forward.
· Important hip exercises in different positions:
Lying Supine (back exercises)
1. 1) Thomas stretch.
2. 2) Internal rotation (rotate kneecaps towards each other).
3. 3) Quadriceps exercises using the knee sling.
1. 1) Bending froward to bring the chin towards the knee of the operated leg- do not force it.
2. 2) Lifting the knee of the operated leg into the air-this is usually very difficult for many weeks.
3. 3) Gently pushing the knees apart (external rotation).
4. 4) Bend and straighten the knee without weight on the ankle.
1. 1) Hip abduction (bringing the operated hip away from the body).
2. 2) Hip extension (bringing the operated leg behind the body with the knee straight).
3. 3) Hip flexion (bringing the operated leg in front of the body).
Prone (lying face down)
1. 1) Raising the operated knee off the bed
Stationary Bike: no resistance with seat high initially to avoid forced flexion; no resistence.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scared and Nervous

I was diagnosed with CHD when I was 29. Then I decided to run the Chicago Marathon in October 1999. Well, to say the least, I ran it and did well. 5 years later, per the doctors warnings, the CHD had progressed and I had pain that would stop me from walking. I was a super athletic person, small and thin and wondering how this could be happening to me? Married in July 2005 and then the fun began. December 2005, I could not walk anymore at times and decided to get my hip re-xrayed. The degeneration was considerable. I met with 3 surgeons, one of which told me that I was crazy to have a hip replacement. However, the 2 others suggested the PAO. I finally found Dr. Stephen Murphy. Great guy. Scheduled PAO for June 8th. Preadmissions in Boston on May 23rd. Getting excited and nervous. Scared about having to be "laid up" for the 6 weeks predicted. I am hoping to be walking soon thereafter. Will update next week after meetings at New England Baptist Hospital. 3 weeks from Thursday and counting.